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Mission Statement

Proyecta 79 appeared on the market with the clear aim of developing an integrated project management product, fitted around the needs and expectations of its clients, far from traditional methods of engineering.

Proyecta 79’s mission, is to work towards creating a new framework for the relationship between customers, suppliers and service companies, putting the expectations of the different parties involved above financial profitability.


Proyecta 79 has a clear vision for “A different way of engineering". We are different because we are customer-orientated, geared towards the customers’ interests and goals, in creating value and constant improvement regarding the environment and the development of clean energy. All of this is within the company’s corporate social responsibility policies.

Since Proyecta 79 was created with the basic goal of changing the traditional methods of engineering.

Our mission is become part of out customers both in the initial conceptualising of their projects and in developing and implementing them, as well as maintaining them and managing their value chain.

Proyecta 79 has not joined the market a mere engineering service, but rather as a system for helping our customers achieve all of their goals.

Customer Focus

Our mission at Proyecta 79 is not to have a trade relationship with our customers, but rather work alongside them, to get to know their needs and expectations, to make them our own, constantly aiming to improve connections and customer satisfaction.

Respect for the Environment

Choosing green technology and energy and being environmentally friendly is one of the pillars of Proyecta 79 and we were already working in this direction before creating the firm.

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