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PROYECTA 79 S. L., was created in 2012 as the result of the hard work and effort of Javier Martínez Cañamares (Albacete, 1979), Civil Engineer and Antonio Navarro Albal (Albacete, 1979), Industrial Engineer

Supported by a group of  professionals from many different backgrounds, they have turned Proyecta 79 into an association of technicians and people brought together by their work and respect for the brand, seeking to grow both professionally and as people. It is completely customer-orientated and environmentally friendly.

From the offset it has been working on consultancy services, engineering, technical support and quality control for small, medium and large infrastructure projects, industry, energy and urban planning. All of this is based on two foundational pillars, the first of which is corporate social responsibility, as the base for building a company. The second is quality management policies, based on continued improvement, both in processes and customer service, all with full respect for the environment.

Proyecta 79’s current areas of business are:

✓ Linear civil engineering projects.
✓ Hydraulic works projects.
✓ Structural design and engineering.
✓ Topography, geotechnical studies and quality control.
✓ Integrated new industry projects.
✓ Electrical, air-conditioning and fire prevention installations.
✓ Renewable energies.
✓ Energy saving and efficiency.
✓ Licences for new plants, minor works, business and functioning.
✓ Project management and coordination, health and safety and quality control.
✓ Surveys and assessments.



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